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The Community Collaboration to Combat COVID-19 (C-FORWARD) study is seeking to learn more about how COVID-19 (also called SARS- CoV-2) has affected Baltimore City families and households. If your household is randomly selected to participate, you can participate in a survey and receive $50. We will ask you about your own testing for COVID-19 and other COVID-19 related impacts such as job loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the survey take and how am I helping Baltimore?

By completing a 30-40-minute survey, you will be helping to improve COVID-19 testing and testing access for Baltimore City community members like yourself. This study will also help us to understand who is currently infected with SARS-CoV-2, how many people have had COVID-19 and what the risks are for getting COVID-19. This information will help medical providers, city leaders and public health officials as well as the Governor’s office to better understand how to protect our Baltimore City community from COVID-19.

What will happen after I complete the survey?

After you successfully complete the survey, you will also have the opportunity to join in a second part of the study where, you and each member of your household will be offered free testing for COVID-19.

In the second part of the study, how often will testing happen?

You and your household members will have the opportunity to be tested twice, at a minimum. If at any time during the study, you or any of your household members have new symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, your entire household can be tested immediately.

How long is the study?

If you complete the one-time survey, only 40 minutes for one day. In the second part if you are eligible for testing, you and your household members will have the opportunity to participate for one year.

What other medical care will I / my household receive?

We will not be providing other medical care through the study but if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive, we can connect you with the appropriate medical resources.

I have not been selected for the study, but can you tell me more about COVID-19 resources?

For information on COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at cdc.gov, the Maryland Department of Health at coronavirus.maryland.gov, and the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center at coronavirus.jhu.edu.

Get COVID-19 testing for your household and learn how you can help the Baltimore City community.

Join Us

If your household has been selected to participate.